Regina is an open-source algorithmic topology package. It compiles cleanly under Slackware 9.1 with one exception: since Slackware does not come with the Boost library, Regina will compile with no scripting support.

Unfortunately, it is not enough to simply download, compile, and install the Boost package. That is because the Regina configuration file looks for Boost components in the wrong place. After downloading and installing Boost, here's what you need to do to get Regina going:

cd /usr/local/lib
ln -s libboost_python-gcc.a libboost_python.a
ln -s /usr/lib/python2.3/config/libpython2.3.a libpython2.3.a
cd <back to Regina source directory>
CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH=$CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH:/usr/local/include/boost-1_31 ./configure
CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH=$CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH:/usr/local/include/boost-1_31 make

As usual, your mileage may vary. In particular, the target directories for Boost may change in future versions.