The latest Google Chrome update appears to have broken MathJax.

I use MathJax extensively, both on this site and also in my blog. MathJax allows me to include professionally typeset mathematical expressions in Web pages.

After I updated Chrome this morning, every MathJax expression appeared with a thin vertical bar on the right. The same problem does not occur in Internet Explorer of Firefox.

I am sure this issue will be fixed shortly (either by Google or by the MathJax folks) but in the meantime, here is a quick-and-dirty workaround. It requires the following line to be added in a convenient place to an appropriate style sheet:

.math>span { border-left-style: none !important; }

For my Joomla sites, I added this line at the bottom of the personal.css file of my Joomla template. (My template is heavily customized; other templates may have different CSS files.)

For my blog I use WordPress, with the Suffusion theme. Suffusion allows me to add custom CSS code under Suffusion Options > Back-end > Custom Includes > Custom Styles.

But then, this issue appears to have been fixed by MathJax developers:

All I needed to do was to download and install the latest MathJax on my server. Oh well... live and learn.