The METER control is an ActiveX custom control that implements the functionality of an analog style "VU meter", like that found on older stereo receivers or high-end scientific instruments.

The following table documents the METER control's properties, methods, and events in an interactive manner: you can experiment with the control "live", so long as are using Internet Explorer and the control is properly installed. This page attempts to install the control; however, modern versions of Internet Explorer (quite correctly) refuse to install components of unknown origin, so your best bet is to download the control DLL and then, as Administrator, run regsvr32 METER.dll from the command console.

In any case, feel free to examine the source code of this page to learn more about the control's operation.

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Marks The number of ticks marked by a larger mark.
Maximum The maximum numeric value represented by the control.
Minimum The minimum numeric value represented by the control.
Ticks The number of small ticks to appear across the face of the control.

Stock Properties

Appearance The meter's current position. The value must lie within the range specified by the Minimum and Maximum properties.
BackColor The color of the meter's background area. An RGB value, computed as B*65536+G*256+R. Black is 0, white is 16777215.
Caption The text that appears in the middle of the control.
FillColor The color used for the meter's arm.
ForeColor The color used to draw the meter's markings and text.

To download the METER control DLL to your computer, right click on this link and select "Save Target As..." from the context menu. Note that the downloaded DLL is of little use by itself; you must also purchase a license.

The METER control DLL cannot be used in your own projects, or redistributed to end-users without a license. You can purchase a license online. When you purchase a single developer or site license, your license information will be e-mail to you automatically. When you purchase an unrestricted license, your purchase will be reviewed, and a full source archive will be e-mailed to you, usually within 24 hours of your purchase.

License type

Price in USD

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Single Developer License
Authorizes a single developer to use the control in his or her projects, and redistribute the control to end-users. No source code is included.

Site License
Authorizes a group of developers working together at the same geographic location to use the control in their projects, and redistribute the control to end-users. No source code is included.

Unrestricted License
Provides a non-exclusive license to do as you please with the control. Includes the license to modify the control, redistribute the control in source or object form, or incorporate the control or any parts thereof into your projects. Source code included.